Covid Fatigue


COVID Fatigue

eScribers Q1 2022 Newsletter

Living with a pandemic for the last two years has truly taken its toll. We are frequently seeing media reports related to “COVID Fatigue” and similar stressors on the workforce. And the effects have been particularly harsh for court and agency workers. Shutdowns, statutory deadlines, major delays, workforce shortages and backlogs are only some of the issues that were thrown at this industry.

Those of us in management are seeking out ways to help our staff feel less stress. In addition to exercise, mindfulness and other coping mechanisms, every article I’ve read on the topic espouses communication. Talk to your staff. Find out their stressors in the workplace and try to find ways to help. An overwhelming theme I keep hearing from my own staff is related to administrative eases, automations and efficiencies. The easier we can make the day-to-day administrative work, the calmer, the more supported and the more appreciated our staff will feel.

eScribers has many administrative eases to help our court and other government agency clients. We can literally take work off your staff’s desk. For example:

  • Administrator’s Portal: eScribers builds clients a complete end-to-end solution via a customized, fully secure portal that connect administrators to the entire transcript ordering process. Transcripts are easy for court staff and private parties to order and pay for, and administrators are able to track and log the process based on their requested specifications.
  • Private party ordering and billing can all be done through our web portal
  • Hosting of remote hearings
  • Secure storage of audio/video materials
  • 24/7 transcript repository
  • And more…

One of our clients who uses our customized Administrator’s Portal sent us the following message:   

The service provided by eScribers and the control we have as a result is unmatchable by anyone else. The people at the company are amazing!

As we work our way through 2022 and search for ways to create calm, eScribers is here for you. 

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