Quite Simply the Easiest Tool for Field Work Dictation.

Introducing Talk to Us – the new end-to-end dictation suite from eScribers that makes managing caseloads as simple as can be.

Easy-to-Use App Works on Any Phone

Our app is designed for field work. In one easy-to-use app you can record, store, edit, and submit your dictations for transcription. Record as many dictations as you like either by telephone or by app.


Record as many dictations as you like either by telephone or by app.


Easily replay, rename, or edit your recordings per your liking.


We return your transcriptions by your requested deadlines, whatever they are.


Get transparency into your agency operations, run custom reports to track activity.


eScribers servers run on the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today

Wifi or Not

You can record out in the field and then send at a later time, once you have wifi.

Easy Access Dashboards

Users are given easy access to their dictations and transcripts through their own Client Portal screen. Administrators get this same screen, plus insight into all their employees and comprehensive reports on performance, volume, etc.

On-the-Fly Editing

Easily replay, rename, or edit your recordings per your liking before sending to eScribers for transcription. Our edit feature allows you to add additional audio to any existing recording. You can also delete or trim sections from your file to clean up the audio after you’ve finished recording.

Quality & Fast Turnaround

Once dictations are submitted, transcripts are available by your requested turnarounds, whatever they are. And like everything we do, our work is backed by a thorough quality assurance process that guarantees accuracy.


Yes, in addition to single speaker dictation, eScribers can also transcribe multi-speaker interviews through the app or telephonic line. Multi-speaker interviews can be ordered at a variety of turnaround times, ensuring 100% accuracy and on-time delivery.

TALK TO US is suited for a variety of uses, including but not exclusive to social services. To learn more about how we can partner with your team to provide accurate and on-time transcripts, contact our sales team here

Yes, eScribers can offer customized user manuals, catered communication rollout plans, and special training sessions for your team to ensure the success of our system in your organization.

Yes, eScribers provides both an email support address as well as a telephone support line upon request.