A Complete Video Conferencing System for Courts and Agencies

ON THE RECORD is the first of its kind – an all-in-one remote hearing platform that offers both the court-specific workflow software and live reporters. It’s a purpose-built platform designed to simplify the entire hearing and transcript process for courts and agencies, from scheduling to transcription. 

Step One

Admins enter all their scheduled hearings or simply upload a spreadsheet.

Step Two

Hearings are confirmed in our system. Experienced reporters are waiting in a queue to cover them all. 

Step Three

Transcripts are available to all parties. Billing is fully integrated. 


Hundreds of Reporters Standing By

With On the Record, you don’t need to schedule individual reporters for individual hearings. All hearings are covered by a queue of experienced reporters covering hundreds of hearings daily. 

Handles Volume Better than any Other System

Because On the Record is completely integrated and offers trained reporters at the ready, it can handle hundreds of hearings per day – the kind of volume needed to beat the backlog experienced by courts and agencies nationwide. 

Truly All-in-One

With the On the Record system, everything is included; scheduling, reporters, fulfillment, delivery and billing are all centralized in the same easy system

Features Designed for Hearing Officers & Judges

Each hearing officer has a daily dashboard equipped with all information they’ll need for that day’s scheduled hearings, so moving between them is simple and just a click away.

Easy Scheduling

Simply enter your hearing details in our system or upload a spreadsheet. From there we create the scheduling links and send them to all relevant parties on your behalf. Dashboards display all hearing information in a centralized location. 

Backlogs Handled

This is one of our specialties. Many of our clients have come to us experiencing huge case backlogs. Because we can handle such high volume, we can help clear your docket and get things running smoothly. Schedule a Demo to see how. 


Over 250 courts and agencies trust us to cover their hearings

6 Million

Last year we delivered over 6 million pages of accurate transcripts


We cover over 50,000 hearings per year for our clients

Trusted by Over 250 Courts and Agencies Across the US


Yes, eScribers can minimize your back-office work by automating the scheduling and communication efforts of your teams. eScribers can also send out automated email reminders to the hearing participants when the date of their scheduled proceeding approaches.

Yes, eScribers provides both an email support address as well as a telephone support line upon request.

eScribers supports telephonic conferencing; participants are able to connect to a scheduled hearing either online or by dialing in through the telephone.

eScribers captures an official record of each and every conference held on the eScribers Video Conferencing Suite. The recorded audio can be provided to respective parties upon request.

eScibers can offer interpretation, translation, and closed captioning upon request. To learn more about how we can partner with your team to provide greater accessibility for your users, contact our sales team here.